I have lived in Harford County for most of my life, leaving a few years only to attend school and for work. I grew up in the Northern end of the county, and I have walked, camped and canoed through its many forests, streams and rivers. I have lived here for over 28 years with my wife and with our most recent family addition, a Labradoodle named Moose.

I have been a woodworker for over 40 years. Experienced in felling trees, milling, drying and preparing lumber as well as building and finishing furniture and a wide array of wood projects. I started out woodworking as a kid making projects as Christmas gifts for family out of Red Cedar trees harvested from our home and milled locally. As a teenager, I worked at a summer camp and on farms, often doing repairs and construction in and on buildings as well as felling trees for firewood and to clear fields and roads. As I grew older, I continued woodworking as a hobby for years building useful items, such as shelves, cutting boards and cabinets. I appreciate old world skills like using hand tools for woodworking and I employ hybrid methods using both hand and power tools to provide the highest quality work I am capable of.

Over the years I have taken classes on building, repairing and finishing furniture. I have also read many books, magazines and attended seminars taught by true masters to learn decades’ worth of skills and techniques, which I have been able to apply to projects for my family, friends and customers. I also have had the good fortune to have worked for and with people who were more experienced than I was and learned a great deal from them. I work professionally building, repairing and finishing furniture, cabinets and family heirlooms. I pride myself with having been able to bring quality family items and furniture back to life for their owners and following generations.

To help customers I often have to design and develop repairs to overcome previous design flaws or weaknesses in older furniture to make it more usable and longer lasting for its owners or new stewards. I enjoy the idea of my work outlasting me, and that is my goal for every piece I build or repair.

You can contact me to assist you with your projects and repairs, I look forward to helping you complete project